Consulting / Audit / Maintenance


Blockchain As A Future

PR and Communications

We help you speak the same language with your potential customers and investors from around the world. If you’re not talked about, you essentially don’t exist.

Business development

We audit your project’s business model to optimize its crucial components, which may cover both internal and external auditing.

Full Stack

If you require marketing or communication services, or all-in-one support for the project throughout its implementation, our team will provide an end-to-end support.
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Who we are and what we do

ForkLog Research has brought together experts in various realms, all of whom have been involved in cryptocurrency and blockchain projects for several years. This enables us to render end-to-end services to both individuals and companies willing to improve their products and services. Aside from rendering such services to businesses and individuals, our team is engaged in market analysis and cryptocurrency/blockchain research. We keep track of the industry’s latest trends. This comprehensive approach towards gathering and analyzing data from all around the industry enables us to make our services most relevant to our customers.